Superman Can’t Win

So the bad press has begun with the box office results for Superman. It’s day one and since it didn’t break every box office record, it’s obviously on its way to failure.

Look people, calm down. The movie opened on a Wednesday before a long 4th of July weekend, what did you expect. No one is anticipating this movie more than I am and even I decided to wait until the weekend to see it. Why try fitting it into my Wednesday in the middle of the work week, when I have 4 days that I can go see it at any time.

I would be highly surprised if by next Tuesday night it hasn’t collected a cool $150 million and the article will be complaining that it didn’t make $200.

People are expecting Spider-Man 2 numbers but this isn’t Spider-Man 2. The anticipation for Spider-Man 2 was incredible after Spider-Man and the box office showed that. People need to realize that Superman Returns is following not just 2 bad movies, but 2 of the worst movies ever. Superman 3 and 4 were so bad, that the director is basically asking the audience to pretend like they don’t exist.

And I don’t understand where the ‘gay’ campaign is coming from. I guess since Bryan Singer is gay that everything he works on is all of a sudden ‘gay’. Like that’s a bad thing or something.

But people, Superman is a love story between Superman and Lois and the last time I checked. Lois was pretty feminine. And in the last couple of Superman incarnations, pretty darn beautiful to say the least. I guess I’m trying to say that Superman doesn’t appear to be attracted to the same sex.

It’s funny to me that of the 3 X-men movies, the one that has the ‘gayest’ message is the one that he didn’t direct. So why people are looking for hidden messages is beyond me.

So, lets just go enjoy the movie. It’s getting pretty good reviews around the country and will make a ton of money, even if it doesn’t become the next Titanic.

Personally, I’m betting about $310-$330 domestic and close to $600 worldwide.