Miami Vice

I realise that this movie review is going on a month old at this point, but I figure I should put it up just for th archive.


Taking the basic premise of the TV show he created and doing his best to increase the cool factor, Michael Mann drags us all back down to Miami to revisit the drug trade.

Successful in adding more cool to the movie, yes, bringing a decent story to the table, no.

It was really hard trying to find anything interesting to grab onto in this movie. Yeah there were a few nice shootouts, but the screen seemed to be more focused on Colin Farrel and Jamie Foxx trying to out-star and out-cool each other.

Watching these to guys pushed down my throat as part of the new Hollywood elite isn’t a meal I’ll enjoy eating. I’ve yet to see Colin Farrel drive anyone to a film and reading stories of Jamie Foxx having tantrums when he’s not treated better than Eddie Murphy on the set of their next film hardly gets me excited for a project from these two. Hey Jamie, Ray was nice, but come on, Eddie Murphy has made some real scratch in this town, don’t get your panties in a twist.

Watching this movie made me realize that Don Johnson actually brought something to the table in the original series… some personality.

You, Me and Dupree

Now that it is alleged that Owen Wilson has broken up Kate Hudson’s marriage, I guess it’s time to actually post a review for this movie.

It’s not bad, and actually better than I thought, but not great.

The movie has some really good, funny moments, and in general Owen Wilson can’t help but be funny more often than not. But I’ve never really been a Matt Dillon fan. He works well for me in dramas, but he comes off as too wooden for me in comedies.

Michael Douglas and Kate Hudson are both fine in the film. Kate Hudson looks amazing and for some that alone may be enough to see the movie.

Be on the watch for a hilarious albeit brief Lance Armstrong cameo.

This movie will be a great rental, but you could probably skip the theater.

The Descent

The Descent is easily the scariest movie of the year.

It’s also odd in the way the studio decided to release the film. Movie previews and promotion began for this film last summer, long before even the bad version of this movie The Cave hit theaters. The film was then released globally before it came to the US and it is now here and not an easy film to find.

But if you can, it’s quite a delightful horror film.

Set one year after the death of one of the character’s daughter, a group of friends get together for the first time since the accident to have some fun cave diving.

Now this movie is terrifying enough watching these women crawl through the smallest tunnels I have ever seen, but really kicks into high gear when they meet the cave’s, shall we say, residents.

Scary, claustrophobic, and quite bloody, I would recommend this movie to any horror fan.