Some Tips on the SodaStream

The SodaStream talk is running rampant on the 5by5 network of podcasts. Merlin has been farting into still water for years now and is pulling the rest of the hosts into the mix, one by one. This has brought up on the shows many basic questions that I have decided to try and answer here.

The Bottles and Caps

  • SodaStreams come with a 1-liter bottle by default. For some people, like Marco, this was too much, which is why they sell a 20oz. bottle for making less seltzer at a time.
  • You CAN buy bottles that are dishwasher-safe, and I would recommend that, as the cap area can sometimes get a little moldy and hard to clean.
  • For that reason, I would also recommend buying extra bottle caps, which they also sell. Even with diligent cleaning, the caps seem to get mold on them after a couple months. And I don’t know about you, but even if I clean off the mold, once I see it, I don’t want to use it again.

The Flavors

  • Skip them for the most part.
  • The Natural Flavor Ginger Ale and Root Beer are not too bad, and contain no corn syrup.
  • Your best bet for flavoring is probably mixing in regular fruit juice with the seltzer.

The CO2 Canisters

  • They are easily found at many stores, you are not required to mail them back and forth. I use Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  • Buy an extra canister for $30 to have on hand.
  • When the canisters are empty take them to your local store of choice and exchange them for a full one for $15. Leave the shipping to the stores. You didn’t stop hauling cases of seltzer from the car, just so you could start going to the post office every couple weeks.

How Long Will a Canister Last?

  • Well, that’s different for everyone. If you are like Merlin, just a couple days. But at this point it sounds like he is adding water to the co2 and drinking that, as opposed to adding the co2 to the water. He may have a problem.
  • For most people, I would guess that a canister will easily last you a month or more. My wife and daughter, drink the seltzer regularly and and we are only on our third canister after 4 months.

The Dispensing Unit

  • I would save your money and buy the cheapest one available. They all do the same thing. If it turns into an important addition to you life/kitchen, upgrade later.

That’s about it, unless I am forgetting something. If I am, email me and I will add it.

After putting off the purchase of a SodaStream for years, I finally got tired of lugging cases of seltzer from the store every week; I could kick myself for waiting so long. It was worth every penny, and actually saved me a lot of money.

DeSean Jackson vs. Fred Barnett

So DeSean Jackson wants a new contract. We all know this, he has seemingly been a baby about it all year. He thinks he is one of the elite players in the league and deserves to be paid like one. Well, in his first three years, I see him a very much like a former Eagle and the stats seem to back this up.

No, not Mike Quick. No, not Terrell Owens either. It’s Fred Barnett!!

Lets go to the numbers.

Fred Barnett (First Three Seasons)

  • Games Played: 42
  • Receptions: 165
  • Yards: 2752 (16.67 per)
  • Touchdowns: 18
  • Longs in each year of 95, 75, 71

DeSean Jackson (First Three Seasons)

  • Games Played: 45
  • Receptions: 171
  • Yards: 3124 (18.26 per)
  • Touchdowns: 17
  • Longs in each year of 60, 71, 91

Now, I liked Fred Barnett, he was a solid receiver, but no superstar. DeSean, you may look like you can become a superstar, but show me you are before you try and force me to treat you like one.