The Trouble with Spider-Man 3

…and why it may not be as successful as the first 2 Spider-Man movies.

I, of course, am very excited about next summer’s Spider-Man movie. I loved the first 2. I felt that they were able to put together everything that can be right about a superhero movie and get it on the screen. From the characters to the special effects to the story lines, they just really worked for me, and I don’t doubt that they will work for me in the upcoming third movie.

The only real difference in every superhero movie and their sequels are the villains. And in this movie the villains are different. Well obviously they are different, but in this movie, they aren’t really human. And I can see the casual fan not getting as excited about that.

Spider-Man is the every man’s hero. More often than not Spider-Man is swinging around New York helping the police, rather than getting involved in fantastical or otherworldly events. How people will respond to a movie where the villains are so far from realistic (yes, I realize he sticks to walls) may not sit as well with an audience unfamiliar with the villains.

While the villains from the first two movies were obviously super. They were really just regular people enhanced by technology. Possibly easier to swallow from an average audience.

Granted, there are enough diehards like me to propel this movie past the $200 million mark, but it’s the non fans that will put this movie in the $3-400 million dollar range that the last one was in. I guess we will have to wait a year to find out if intergalactic goo and a man made of sand will bring in or scare away the audience.