When a Stranger Calls

When a Stranger Calls was better then I thought it would be, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that its a good movie.

The script and acting were pretty poor all around and the pivotal scene of the movie, when you find out the killer is in the house, is so poorly acted you wonder if they bothered trying a second take.

But the lead actress was servicable enough and there were a couple scares. Catch it on cable when it makes it there.

Eight Below

Eight Below was a great little film. Geared for the family audience to be sure, it was very enjoyable.

When an injury forces a Antarctic exploration team to leave basecamp to get to a hospital, they must leave their sled dogs behind to survive on their own. Months will pass before a resuce is even possible.

Keep in mind when you see this with kids that, yes, this movie is sad in a few places, and that there is one scene in particular that was scary enough to make every kid in the theater cry and all of the adults jump at once.

But I still have to recommend this film, it was good. And my 7 year old niece loved it.