Be Cool

“Get Shorty” was funny, cool, well written, well acted and an all around really good movie. Great performances all around and a movie that I recently rediscovered when a friend lent me the dvd.

Now flash forward 10 years and we are given “Be Cool” starring John Travolta. With the exception of a couple of cameos by Danny DeVito, I believe he is the only one who returns from the first film.

The film is good. I laughed. I enjoyed. But for the most part I didn’t feel like I was getting the actors’ best efforts in this film. This film is a little less about Travolta this time around and is really heavy into the supporting cast, and it’s quite a large supporting cast. Travolta, Uma, and Harvey Keitel seemed to be just there and not offering me anything special. With the exception of Uma, who graces us with one of the best entrances to a movie in recent memory.

Vince Vaughan, who was really funny in the previews for the film, wasn’t as funny after about 30 minutes and the act started to get old.

Cedrick the Entertainer was ok. Nothing special.

I would like to point out that the Rock, and Andre 3000, I thought, were really good in the movie. Very funny when needed and not overused.

Christina Milian was fine. She can obviously sing and looks beautiful and was fine in her role.

Overall i’d say the movie was good and would recommend seeing it in the theater or on video.

The Pacifier

Well, the movie is a Disney movie and is geared toward kids and families so I guess the best review for this movie comes from my 9 year old nephew, who said that it was “a really good movie.”

Keep in mind that more often then not, movies I take him to see are, “the best movies ever.” But I do believe he did like it. And it was cute and funny. Not as good as ‘Kindergarden Cop’ but entertaining, albeit with a little less of a plot.

Vin Diesel is sent to protect the kids of a recently killed scientist, and while in the house, search for the secret project the scientist was working on. Throw in a few messy diapers and you have a hit. And considering that in its opening weekend it made approximately $30 million, i’d say, yeah, it is a hit. Poopy diapers equal money.

The characters are all exactly what you would expect and pretty stereotypical. The sullen crabby teen boy, the rebellous needs to see her boyfriend teen girl, and the young kid that says all those cute funny things. There are 2 other kids but they serve no other purpose than to provide the poopy diapers.

So, the movie was ok, I laughed a few times and my nephew enjoyed it. So if you are bored and looking to go to a movie with a kid, have fun. If not wait for the video.

Cursed Reviewed

Well, me and my buddy John, accompanied by his wife, managed to make it to and through Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s  ‘Cursed’. To put it simply, it was real bad.

I can handle a bad movie. I think that bad movies can still be entertaining and fun, but sometimes bad movies meander too far into the stupid and boy this was stupid.

On a personal note, I prefer when my werewolves are more animal than human. A four legged werewolf vs. the more humanoid 2 legged werewolf, if you will. That didn’t really affect my enjoyment of the film, but I thought i’d put it out there.

The acting in this movie is horrible, the script… poor, and the special effects… horrid.

What happened to Christina Ricci? An actress that was spoken about with so much promise a few years ago, is now appearing in this? Terrible. Jessie Eisenberg as her brother, blah. Joshua Jackson as the love interest, please. “I’ve only known you for 2 months but I love you and you’re the one.” And please, put a little emotion in your delivery every so often.

The only member of the cast that I enjoyed was actually the Scott Baio cameo, trying to get on as the third guest on Craig Kilborne’s show. Funny.

The special effects in this movie were underwhelming to say the least. I have a feeling that they could only afford one werewolf costume, as we were never allowed to see two werewolves on the screen at the same time. And, ooohhh, yeah, the dog special effects in the preview are just as bad on the big screen. Just bad.

About 80% into the movie comes a scene with a werewolf in a night club that is the pinnacle of stupidity and when this ’scene’ happened, my friend actually leaned over and punched me in the arm for making him come to this.

Don’t see this movie, good horror movies are so hard to come by nowadays. To support a movie like this will only encourage more of them to be made.