A Prairie Home Companion

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this film. The cast is large and I’m a fan of most of them. But having never listened to the radio show on which this is based I had nothing to go into the movie with.

Although, I usually prefer not having any preconcieved notions. I usually end up liking the films more that way.

It was an interesting film. Not much actually happens in the film, and yet there are numerous little plots throughout the movie.

It could probably be best descibed as having someone with a camera walking around and capturing some private conversations.

The only plot running through the entire movie is that the theater is shutting down and tonight will be the last performance. But even that plot point doesn’t seem to weigh on the movie too much.

The movie is funny and filled with dialogue. Be prepared to pay attention if you want to enjoy the movie to the fullest. You could miss half the jokes if you let your mind wander during this movie. The characters don’t seem to shut up. Ever.

With all that, I have to say I liked the film. I found it quite funny, especially Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly’s characters and their songs.

If you haven’t seen it by this point, you’re probably not going to catch it in the theaters. It’s almost finished it’s run. But I would definitely recommend it as a rental.