Terrell Owens press conference

Terrell Owens just finished up his 3:00 press conference in Philadelphia and I can’t imagine that it helped his cause at all.

It consisted of TO spending about 5 minutes reading a statement that basically said he was sorry, at which point his agent Drew Rosenhaus, screaming like a sportsline bookie, preceded to tell the media that it was their fault that TO was misunderstood and other players do much worse things than he has done, why don’t they bother them.

The he took about 20 questions, of which 12 of them he answered with “Next Question” and the other 8 he said, I can’t discuss that.

They said they will be involved in legal procedures with the players union and the league, but I’m not sure what they are hoping to accomplish. After his suspension the Eagles are going to pay him to sit out. As long as he’s still getting paid, the Eagle’s can play him or not at their discretion.

Philadelphia Eagles

Well, it seems obvious to me, if no one else, that the entire problem with my home team this year is boiled down to one thing.

Not the offense, not T.O., and not the running game.

Over the summer, the Eagles have completely lost the ability to tackle. Our 3 Pro-Bowl defensive backs are being shed from ball carriers like leaves in fall, and until they wake up and fix the problem, nothing will change.

The Eagles for the past several years have had offensive problems where they seem to fall asleep in games and not wake up till the end or sometimes not at all, but this year the defense is giving up a lot more points and not making up for the offensive woes like before.

I still believe the Eagles are the best team in the Conference and could win their next 8 games and go 12-4. But if they don’t fix whatever is going on, and I believe it’s mostly mental, they will be an 8-8 team.