Clerks II

Clerks isn’t for everybody. How could it be?

Throughout all of the Clerks’ universe movies, the references can come and go so fast that if you don’t already know what they are talking about, you’re lost.

But if you are part of the intended audience for the latest Kevin Smith film Clerks 2, you will enjoy the hell out of it.

The dialogue is fast and witty, the characters have progressed to exactly the place you want them to since the last movie (nowhere) and the new characters blend right in perfectly. With the small exception of being expected to believe that Rosario Dawson would look twice at these losers, the casting is great.

Even the storyline works. I mean, for two of the greatest slackers of our movie generation, the thought of actually quitting your job and moving IS a movie worthy event.

The donkey scene was hilarious even if the mere thought of it caused Joel Siegel to storm out of the theater. If you haven’t seen the movie, I’m not giving anything away, but for me the funniest line in the movie may have been, “Oooh, Cake.”

Loves lost and found, dirty jokes and Star Wars lie at the heart of Clerks and if you can keep up, you will love it.