An Incovenient Truth

It is sad to me that science is now politics. And that I can’t go to this movie and recommend it without people constantly trying to convince me that it’s all BS and Al Gore just has this agenda and it’s going to help him back to the White House.

Why can’t Al Gore just be a guy who has had a life long concern for the environment, and has dedicated a good portion of his life, pre and post VP, to trying to inform the world that we just might be hurting the planet.

There are facts and figures in the movie that right wing politicos will argue are skewed just to make his point. So there is almost no point in arguing their merit here. If your not going to believe Al Gore’s argument, you won’t believe mine either.

But there is one fact in the movie that I don’t think you can’t really argue with, and a somewhat logical conclusion to that fact.

From basically the beginning of time, through the 1800’s the population of humans grew to about 2 billion people. Then in the last 100 years we went from 2 billion to about 8 billion.

How could this insane population growth not hammer the planet and it’s resources? And maybe, possibly, negatively impact the planet?