The Descent

The Descent is easily the scariest movie of the year.

It’s also odd in the way the studio decided to release the film. Movie previews and promotion began for this film last summer, long before even the bad version of this movie The Cave hit theaters. The film was then released globally before it came to the US and it is now here and not an easy film to find.

But if you can, it’s quite a delightful horror film.

Set one year after the death of one of the character’s daughter, a group of friends get together for the first time since the accident to have some fun cave diving.

Now this movie is terrifying enough watching these women crawl through the smallest tunnels I have ever seen, but really kicks into high gear when they meet the cave’s, shall we say, residents.

Scary, claustrophobic, and quite bloody, I would recommend this movie to any horror fan.