X-Men: The Last Stand

There are going to be two different camps when it comes to this movie, I believe. Those who know the X-Men from the comics and those who know the X-Men from the movies.

Now, I feel I’m kind of in the middle here. I read the X-Men for years, but not during the time of the Phoenix Saga, which this takes some of its plot from. So, of course, I liked some of it and didn’t like other parts.

If you grew up on the comic books, you are not going to like the way a few of the characters storylines go. Completely leaving comic book continuity with several of the characters will anger many an X-Men fan. Especially since the direction the characters go in is not an improvement over the comics.

Now if you only know the X-Men from the movies, you probably won’t care about what happens to these characters. They weren’t being used to their potential and you have no idea what they should or could be contributing to the storyline.

Trying to get past all of this… the movie is still enjoyable. Fantastical battle scenes with really great special effects. Although there was alot of wire work. You might not be happy if you don’t like wire work. And a really neat sequence where Professor X and Magneto are made to look 20 years younger. Pretty successfully, too.

I’d recommend this to most of the people I know, I think you will all enjoy it.