The DaVinci Code

The DaVinci Code was… long. Not entirely without merit, just… long.

As one of the two or three people on the planet who hasn’t read the book, I was able to go in without any preconceived notions or expectations and see it just as a movie, and not as the behemoth it has become.

For a thriller it really seemed like there wasn’t too much going on. Things seemed to pick up when Ian McKellan made his appearance in the film, but as for Tom Hanks, he may not have been the right guy to hold this together. Maybe his character was supposed to be a little boring, but he doesn’t seem to do much but stand around and have things happen around him.

I did enjoy it a little bit, and it did make me want to read the book, but if you already read the book, and most of you already have. You probably won’t enjoy the movie too much.

On a side note… there have been dozens of articles about all of the claims made in The DaVinci Code and how the church and church group is reacting to them and protesting them.

The DaVinci Code doesn’t claim that Mary Magdelene was Jesus’ wife anymore than George Lucas claims that the ‘Force’ is real and alive in todays world.

Pardon my phrasing, but the movie is god damn fiction. It doesn’t claim anything other than in this fictional world, here is what happens.

And why does everyone protest against the movie going crowd and not the book reading crowd. More people will surely read the book than see the movie. Are the movie goers somehow more susceptible to protests than people who read books?