Where are the reviews?

Talladega Nights, John Tucker Must Die, The Night Listener, Pulse, Snakes on a Plane, Little Miss Sunshine, Scoop, Accepted, Beerfest, Invincible, The Black Dahlia, The Illusionist, The Guardian, The Covenant, The Last Kiss, The Wicker Man.

These are the movies that have occupied my last 4-5 weeks. I took a vacation at the beginning of September, and took a week off from the reviewing films, which quickly turned into 5 weeks off.

Off course, looking back at the list of what i did see in the last month, there isn’t much there to get excited about. Little Miss Sunshine was a stand out, John Tucker Must Die was better than I expected and Snakes on a Plane bombed compared to the hype.

I am at a crossroads where I need to decide whether to review everything, or only those films which transcend the boring.

I think I’ll probably refocus and try to review everything, but we’ll see.