Then She Found Me – SXSW Premiere

It is funny, that you can have a movie with an Oscar winner and so many well known actors and come out thinking that you just watched such a small movie. That’s a testament to either how hard someone worked on the film to give it that feel, or how hard it was to actually get the movie made.

After listening to Helen Hunt talk about making the movie, you definitely get the feeling it was both.

‘Then She Found Me’ is a small movie about a near baby crazy school teacher (Helen Hunt) who, after being left by her husband (Matthew Broderick) and losing her adoptive mother, is approached by her birth mother (Bette Midler) to re-enter her life while at the same time falling for the father (Colin Firth) of one of her students.

It’s interesting that this movie is able to keep its sweetness about it with all of the drama that seems to follow Helen Hunt’s character. From Helen Hunt’s mouth she says that this is a movie about betrayal and she couldn’t be more right.

From the infidelities, to the lies and anger, no one character can stand apart in this movie and feel like they have always done the right thing. Until the very end when it seems like Hunt’s character realizes how long she has been betraying herself.

The performance in this movie are top notch, especially Colin Firth, who brings a lot of emotion into this role as a single parent of two children and manages to bring an equal balance of both humor and anger to the part.

The movie is both sad and funny, much like real life, and deserves an audience. With the way that most movies are marketed and shown now-a-days, I worry that this is the type of movie that will be ignored for lack of marketing, but it truly is a movie that should be seen and enjoyed.