Poseidon, Poseidon, where did you go wrong. A weak remake of a campy, but very fun, 70’s disaster movie, Poseidon seems to be missing some back story and character development that might have made this a good movie.

Of course the special effects are good. When you put out that much money to make a film now a days you know the special effects will turn out ok. But today, with audiences being bombarded with amazing special effects in every summer movie, you need a bit of a story if you want your movie to stand out from the rest.

A fire fighter hero turned into mayor… ok, what happened? A recently broken up older gay man about to commit suicide but changes his mind when he realizes he’s going to be killed… what was going on in his head? We’ll never know. A gambler who spends so much time on cruise ships he know the layouts of the floors… uh, ok.

It’s almost as if when the movie was being written, a one line backstory was developed for each character and thats all they went into the movie with.

Now if all you want to see is a disaster film, then you’ll probably enjoy this, but if something more substantive is what you are looking for, you will probably want to pass. You’ll be a little bored.