Mission Impossible 3

When I look at Michael Jackson over the past several years, I always think the same thing… God damn that guy is talented, why the hell does he have to be such a freak?

It really seems to me that Tom Cruise is going in that direction. He isn’t there yet, but everytime I talk about him with others I find myself saying, “Yeah, he’s a little off, but he can make a damn good movie.”

And that’s what I believe. Hopefully for his sake (I think) he will calm down a little bit and get back to being a movie star, because that’s what he does best.

With all that’s been going on in the news and world with Tom Cruise, alot of people are going to miss what turns out to be a pretty damn good movie. Far superior to the mess that was MI:2 and on par, probably better, than the first one.

JJ Abrams crafts a nice story rerturning the series to it’s ‘team’ roots, successfully adding a few new and a returning character into the mix and actually having them involved in the movie.

Amazing stunts and Special FX are to be expected and certainly show up in this film, including, for me, a stomach churning jump from building to building that looks great.

This movie good enough to oversome whatever bad press its star is receiving and I would recommend any movie fan go see it in the theater as this is the kind of movie that is best experienced on a big screen.