Apple Special Event – The Day After

I find myself more and more being not excited after Apple announcements as I have in the past, and I think I have realized why.

Now that I am firmly entrenched in the world of Apple and have my home set up the way I like it, I find myself only caring about product updates that effect ME.

Three years ago, the iMac introduced yesterday would have me itching in anticipation, but having decided to be a laptop guy, I look at it, say “That’s cool.” and just move on. Not even digesting all of the information, because I know I won’t be buying one.

I do however use iLife and was anticipating ‘08, even though I thought we would be waiting for Leopard for the update, and I think I’ll be picking this up for iMovie alone. It’s a fundamental rethinking of what iMovie is for. iPhoto stores my photos, iTunes stores my music, why doesn’t iMovie store my movies? Well, it does now.

Although, I wonder how it will interact with the movies that iPhoto has taken to catalog. Will iMovie move them over? Will I need to do it manually? Will iMovie recognize the movie on my digital camera and move it into iMovie while iPhoto takes the pictures?

The other updates to iLife seem minimal, although jamming in Garageband may be fun.

I must confess I don’t use iWork, although my wife loves keynote, so I will probably pick it up so she can play with it.

The .Mac updates continue to be unimpressive to me and give me no reason to use it. Maybe if I didn’t already have my own domains I would try it, but with so much available out there already I need something more than an email address to make me switch.

And what’s up with the new bluetooth keyboard. Maybe it’s just me but the lack of an actual number keypad is an immediate deal killer for me. Nothing slow me down as much as when I have to use the top of the keyboard to input numbers. Maybe it’s just me, because I see people around me at work who never touch it, but who knows?