Apple Special Event and My Poor Laptop

Well, we are now about an hour away from the special event where most people are expecting a revised iMac and an overhaul of the .Mac service. And as usual I will be glued to the computer awaiting each and every morsel of information.

I came with in about an hour of buying a brand new iMac last week, but we actually changed our mind at the last minute.

We currently have a Powerbook G4 1.67 which has been running great for us and is a real trooper considering how much it has been through physically.

You see we got a puppy back in September, pictures are in the Flickr sidebar to the right, and I would guess, on the low end, that since we got the puppy that laptop has flown off the table and on the floor no less than 15 times.

And that’s just the Mac. The Dell laptop hits the ground even more.

The keyboard stops working occasionally, the power chord socket is very unreliable, and there are quite few dents in it. To put off the purchase of a new computer we bought a 22 flat panel Acer monitor, and Apple keyboard and a Logitech mouse.

All told it cost us about three hundred dollars. We set it up on a desk in a location that the puppy won’t bump into and I wouldn’t be surprised if we got 5 or 6 more months out of the computer.

And while looking at it on the table, I realize I am glad that I didn’t get the iMac. I would have really missed the portability when we took trips and such, and I can set it up in this docking station like environment whenever I feel the need for a desktop situation.

So, I think I’ll probably be replacing the G4 Powerbook with and Intel MacBook sometime early next year.

As far as .Mac is concerned, I really hope it gets the attention it deserves. It seems to do a few little things really well right now, but no where near enough to warrant the cost, especially when web mail is so much better right now and web hosting is so cheap and common.

I’m not sure what I am looking for from the service, but if they put together an attractive package, I will be more than happy to support it.