Wired vs. Wireless Internet Connection

On a recent episode of Build and Analyze, Marco and Dan were discussing the benefits of a wired connection over a wireless connection. I thought I would chime in here.

I have had wireless coverage over my house through an Airport Express and the stock router that comes with Verizon FIOS. Haven’t had any real speed issues or problems, but with the addition of a few AppleTV’s to the house and the sending of video from the computer to said AppleTV’s, along with video transfers between Tivo’s, I decided to go wired and see what would happen.

While having an electrician run a few new outlets, I had him take some Cat cable along with it and everything is hooked up and ready to go now.

Here are the differences in connectivity wireless vs. wired.

  • Wireless – Ping 45ms, Download 30Mb, Upload 10Mb
  • Wired – Ping 11ms, Download 38Mb, Upload 31Mb

Now, you will see that the wireless connection is great and perfect for normal household use. But if you are trying to get every last bit from your broadband provider, doing some heavy duty uploading or playing games online where Ping is important, wired is where you want to be.