The Passion of Mel Gibson

The story that I read today said that Hollywood was discussing whether or not Mel Gibson has a future in Hollywood any more, after this weekend’s incident and possible bigoted remarks.

Excuse me, this man has the (at least currently) the 11th highest grossing movie of all time and won Best Director for Braveheart (one of the greatest movies ever), and you think Hollywood may actually turn it’s back against him.

Let’s look at a couple of other Oscar winning directors who might have had a problem or two and whether or not it hurt their careers.

Last time I looked Roman Polanski was a convicted rapist hiding out in France so as not to serve jail time. And he was given an Oscar for the ‘Pianist’ and had it hand delivered by Harrison Ford himself.

Woody Allen has had no end of personal ‘events’ that by some may be considered quite disgusting, and actors and actresses take pay cuts left and right to work with him.

And now we have an actor/.director who is as close to money in the bank as you can get, who wrote out a very detailed apology, covering everything he may have done in his inebriated state and we are going to not forgive him. I have my doubts.

As for the alcoholism, is there any doubt that this man has issues. In watching his movies, I have yet to see another actor take parts where they are anywhere new as persecuted as his. From the insanity of Martin Riggs in ‘Lethal Weapon’ to the face scarring role in ‘A Man Without a Face’, to the torture scenes in ‘Braveheart’ and his direction of the ‘Passion of the Christ’ this man thrives on a tortured character.

To me that seems like something that comes from inside.