The Pacifier

Well, the movie is a Disney movie and is geared toward kids and families so I guess the best review for this movie comes from my 9 year old nephew, who said that it was “a really good movie.”

Keep in mind that more often then not, movies I take him to see are, “the best movies ever.” But I do believe he did like it. And it was cute and funny. Not as good as ‘Kindergarden Cop’ but entertaining, albeit with a little less of a plot.

Vin Diesel is sent to protect the kids of a recently killed scientist, and while in the house, search for the secret project the scientist was working on. Throw in a few messy diapers and you have a hit. And considering that in its opening weekend it made approximately $30 million, i’d say, yeah, it is a hit. Poopy diapers equal money.

The characters are all exactly what you would expect and pretty stereotypical. The sullen crabby teen boy, the rebellous needs to see her boyfriend teen girl, and the young kid that says all those cute funny things. There are 2 other kids but they serve no other purpose than to provide the poopy diapers.

So, the movie was ok, I laughed a few times and my nephew enjoyed it. So if you are bored and looking to go to a movie with a kid, have fun. If not wait for the video.