The Devil Wears Prada

I’m a little behind in my reviews, and I thought I’d catch up with what may actually be the best movie of the summer.

The story is pretty simple and most people are familiar with it at this point. Anne Hatheway is a beginning journalist wanna be and Meryl Streep is her satan like boss.

Meryl Streep comes alive and just eats this part up as the devilish boss of a world reknown fashion magazine. As Anne Hatheway stumbles through her best attempts to please her boss, Meryl Streep digs in, and digs, and digs and never lets up.

Even at the end of the movie when we get our ‘everythings peachy’ ending, Meryl Streep still doesn’t let up enough to make it seem feel good.

Most men will probably want to avoid this movie, as was evident by the proportion of women to men at the showing that I was at. But I wouldn’t pigeon hole this as a chick flick just because it’s about a fashion magazine and has an almost all women cast. This is basically an evil boss movie and I think that’s something almost everyone can relate to.