Mr Brooks

I’m a Kevin Costner fan, I make no bones about it. Arguments ensue with friends, but I always find movies of his that they like and they back off, but Kevin Costner has pretty much fallen off the radar since the mid-90’s.

Waterworld and The Postman were both really entertaining movies, but it seems like he was never able to recover from the bad publicity associated with them. And it’s a shame too, because in the last few years he has made a few movies that were really good.

Thirteen Days, Dragonfly, Open Range and The Upside of Anger were all good movies that were overlooked for the most part. And now Mr. Brooks is ending it’s run after making just under $30 Mil.

And it was a good movie.

A really good performance by Costner, and even Demi Moore, highlights this movie about a serial killer whose urges have crept up on him after a bit of a hiatus. Dane Cook stars as the witness to one of his murders who uses his leverage to become involved with Mr Brooks and join in on a killing. With Demi Moore on the chase as the detective working the murder.

Along the way there are hints of impropriety with his daughter, but they only hints, never really explored. It’s more of a weird feeling you have when their characters are on screen together. But it adds a bit more tension to the air.

It also seems to be one of those movies where you end up rooting for the bad guy in a weird way, which I think is probably the only way Costner would take the role as a serial killer, if they found a way to make him likable by the audience.

While it may be on the way out of the theater now, I would recommend grabbing the DVD and enjoying it.