Jeez, let’s catch up already

I realize I will never catch up and become current, especially with summer movie season here, if I don’t just go through and do this huge batch of reviews with just a couple comments on each.

So without delay, here is my catch up review list.

Failure to Launch

Cute and good fun, recommended. I’m really starting to like Matthew McConaughey. Terry Bradshaw was great.


Ok story, couldn’t get into the special effects. Skip it.

Brokeback Mountain

Really good movie, very sad, didn’t deserve best picture.


Very funny film, well worth the trip to the theater. Although no one saw it. I highly recommend it.

Lucky Number Slevin

Really good movie, good cast, go see it. Bruce Willis continues to entertain me.


Stupid funny, not too horrible, but wait for video or cable.

The Sentinel

Pretty good thriller, but easy to figure out ending. Go see it.

Thank You for Smoking

Very funny independent film, go see it if it’s playing near you.


Funny, goofy, Robin Williams’ best in a while.