Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

Obviously, based on the line spilling around the block and the number of seats being held in reserve this movie is popular here at SXSW. The stars of the movie are here and the crowd is bustling with excitment.

That very much carried over into the film as well, cheers and yelps from the audience as antics ensued on screen that made this an almost ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ experience.

But was the movie any good. It’s hard to give a movie like this an unqualified thumbs up or down, because there are just people out there who don’t get this kind of humor. It offends them, it’s beneath them, or any other reasons that they will create to keep themselves from an enjoying a very funny movie.

I sorry if it comes off as stupid to that type of person, but Neil Patrick Harris as a bad-ass is very funny, and will always be funny.

The storyline as you can garner from the ppreview, picks up hours after the first film ends and finds the main characters preparing to leave for Amsterdam. Hilarity ensues.

You can expect the same drug humor, racist humor and political commentary found in the first movie and it all works just as well here. Yes, just as much nudity, maybe even more. And I believe just about everyone from the first movie makes an appeparance in this one, with a couple new faces added into the mix.

I think this movie hits the theaters at the end of April and with the popularity the first one had on DVD this one should be quite well recieved. It’s good fun.