DeSean Jackson vs. Fred Barnett

So DeSean Jackson wants a new contract. We all know this, he has seemingly been a baby about it all year. He thinks he is one of the elite players in the league and deserves to be paid like one. Well, in his first three years, I see him a very much like a former Eagle and the stats seem to back this up.

No, not Mike Quick. No, not Terrell Owens either. It’s Fred Barnett!!

Lets go to the numbers.

Fred Barnett (First Three Seasons)

  • Games Played: 42
  • Receptions: 165
  • Yards: 2752 (16.67 per)
  • Touchdowns: 18
  • Longs in each year of 95, 75, 71

DeSean Jackson (First Three Seasons)

  • Games Played: 45
  • Receptions: 171
  • Yards: 3124 (18.26 per)
  • Touchdowns: 17
  • Longs in each year of 60, 71, 91

Now, I liked Fred Barnett, he was a solid receiver, but no superstar. DeSean, you may look like you can become a superstar, but show me you are before you try and force me to treat you like one.