Apathy Among Voters

In a recent post Eric Meyer voices his displeasure about the current candidates running for the Presidency and how he is apathetic about voting for each of them.

This is a growing sentiment that I am seeing all across the web and in newspapers, including the MTV winning essay on the young vote.

As I become more and more interested in politics, this apathy toward voting drives me more and more crazy. Thankfully, the more thinking of this group, like Eric, still go out and vote. But I see more and more people who just say, ‘I don’t care, i’m not voting.’

No one that I know is happy with any of the potential candidates, but you have to vote. This country needs to get from Point A to Point Z and its not going to happen with one election and one candidate. Sometimes you have to vote to get to Point B or C just to push the country in the right direction.

And please pay more attention to your local elections. If you are anything like most people I know, you just vote by name recognition or party affiliation. The Presidential candidates don’t fall out of trees. For the most part they have held some sort of elected office before and have worked their way up the ranks. I did say for the most part, remember.

And these candidates that we ignore on the local level will one day be the candidates that are uninspiring on the Presidential level.

Don’t become the people I see all the time complaining about the current state of politics and in the same breath tell me how you don’t care enough to vote.